Lines of Credit

Access capital to keep your business running smoothly.

Cash flow for the ebbs and flows of your business.

Business lines of credit, or working capital lines, can be used to finance a variety of operating needs from funding additional inventory during the holiday season to providing capital for hiring personnel. Essentially, a line of credit can help bridge the gap between paying your vendors and collecting customer payments, or it can ease the impact of seasonal fluctuations in your cash flow.  

  • Quick, Easy Access
  • Great for Short-term Expenses
  • Quick Turnaround

Other Cash Flow Products

Need the ability to manage short term or ongoing cash flow needs? We can help with that!

Ready Reserve

Business Ready Reserve1 gives you the flexibility to make small purchases without the need for a separate business loan – or the worry of overdraft fees. 

 Get a credit line from $1,000 to $10,000

Interest is only charged on what you use2

Monthly payments are automatically deducted from your checking account

Use with a business checking account

Provides overdraft protection by automatically advancing funds in $200 increments to cover charges

Requires a $50 annual fee

Business must be in operation for at least 2 years

Choose a lender that’s right for you. 

Our business loan experts are here to understand your goals and help you make the best decisions for the future of your business. 

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¹Subject to credit approval.

2Monthly payments equal to 5% of the outstanding balance or $25, whichever is greater, are automatically deducted from the checking account on the statement cycle date. No interest charged on unused balance. Unpaid balances are subject to 18% interest. $50 annual fee.